Inspirations — 06 April 2016
What Are You Waiting For?

The 6th of April is the start of a new year (2016/17) in the UK Tax world. This post is nothing to do with taxes BUT all to do with new beginnings and your starting point. What did you decide from the first of January 2016 to start doing and why have you not started doing it? What are you waiting for? What is stopping you? Are you waiting to be great first? Are you waiting to be perfect at it? Are you waiting for the approval of your family and friends? Are you waiting to win the lottery? What really are you waiting for? Be careful as waiting can become a habit that will only lead you to more frustrations. Here is another beginning. Here is another chance and a great opportunity for YOU and YOU alone. TAKE IT! STOP WAITING! And START NOW! Remember that you do NOT have to be great to get started BUT you must get started to be great. Love you and still rooting for you all the way. Thanks Wanne for sharing this picture which inspired me to write this up.

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