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Victor Olisa

Chief Superintendent Victor Olisa was inspired by his grandfather, who was also a police officer. He was born in Nigeria and had humble beginnings as a police constable, and then sergeant. He joined the City of London police in 1990 as detective inspector with the Fraud Squad. His has been a steady journey to the top. In 2003, he moved to the London Home Office, where he was very instrumental as part of the Stop and Search team.

One thing that shows Olisa’s passion is the professionalism with which he handles his work. Olisa may be Bexley’s first black borough commander, but he considers himself first and foremost a police officer.

“I consider myself first and foremost a police officer. If (being black) is an advantage, then brilliant; If it’s a disadvantage, I will have to deal with that, I can’t hide it. Policing runs in the family and I have always wanted to be a police officer and ethnicity does not affect that. ”

This makes him stand out as a role model for the youth. In 2005, he received a PhD in Criminology at the London School of Economics. A year later, he became Superintendent at Southwark Borough, and was a team leader in raising the confidence of Londoners in their police system and safety. His efforts did not go unrewarded, as he managed to achieve a feat that many don’t, by being appointed the first black borough commander for Bexley. This made him become the third black person to hold a senior position in the Metropolitan Police. His does give back to community by ensuring that his team makes people’s lives as best as they can.

In recent times he has taken the top job the London borough of Haringey following a year-long work as borough commander of Bexley and says “My main intention is to have direct contact with people because that is the best way people can hold me to account, as opposed to going through a lengthy filtering process.”

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