Community & Support — 11 July 2013
Pastor Agu Irukwu

Pastor Agu Irukwu currently at Jesus House, a branch of Redeemed Church of God, as Senior Pastor, is indeed a role model. He holds a number of positions, such as Redeemed Church of God Executive Council, and Festival of Life chair. He studied law at Warwick University. He has also worked as an investment banker. He is involved in raising male role models through his ministry, Mandate Men’s Ministry, and has written a number of spiritual books.

During the 2011 Black History Month, Pastor Agu was voted for as the most inspirational black man in Britain, toppling even world icons like Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela. He is a firm man who stands for what he believes in, a trait that role models portray strongly and with passion.

He was born in Nigeria as the firstborn of his family. Two people ignited the fire in him to attend a Pentecostal church, his late wife and a lady co-worker at the investment bank where he worked. He eventually left his job at the bank and began a Law practice which after a few months stopped his practice after being ordained a pastor. He has had his fair share of challenges too. He lost his wife in 2007. Despite her demise, Pastor Agu is a strong man with great faith and courage, and he was able to cope and re-marry. He without a doubt embodies what a role model should be. He is very much loved and respected amongst his peers and people and we are very privileged to know him.

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