Vocations — 26 September 2013
Ozwald Boateng

Ozwald Boateng has in a profound way scaled the heights of the fashion industry. Born in Ghana, he has managed to astonish the world despite his humble beginnings. His parents got divorced when he was 5. His father’s suits had always left him in awe and his mother gave him his first suit at age 8. He went to study Computer Science in College, but when he fell in love with a lady who introduced him to design and cutting, he knew he had found his niche. He changed course and studied fashion and design instead. At age 16, he designed and sold to friends using his mother’s old machine.

Today, he owns a tailor’s and fashion shop on the prestigious Saville Row, which he opened in 1994, making him the youngest and only black person to own a shop on Saville Row. He designs clothes for all world royalty. He has a passion for his work and creatively mixes tailoring and fashion, to design menswear. He pays attention to detail, and these traits have definitely paid off. In fact, in 2006, an OBE was awarded to him. Despite his great success, he does give back to community via his foundation, “Made in Africa” which aims at carrying out feasibility studies on how to develop infrastructure. He is indeed a role model for the youth and others too.

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