Other Role Models

Whilst Black Role Models UK is geared to this niche, it is not restricted to them; we wholeheartedly acknowledge that there are many role models who we admire and look up to in our society outside the black race.

The dictionary as we noted does not associate the definition of a role model with race, but research does prove that children and young adults try to emulate people they perceive to be very similar to them (Lockwood & Kunda 1997.) AT BRM-UK, we agree that all role models irrespective of race do have impacts on youths but there is a greater impact on a person’s life if they can relate and identify with the role models.

This category is dedicated to other role models who possess the same qualities that youths look for in a role model.


Passion and Ability to Inspire
Clear set of values
Commitment to community
Clear set of values
Selflessness and Acceptance of others
Ability to overcome obstacles

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