Blog — 28 December 2015
Opportunity Dances with Those Already On the Dance Floor

As I read this, a quote about success sprung up in my mind. Real success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.

You and I CANNOT wait till the 1st of January 2016 and then suddenly expect be successful in every area of our lives. Our success starts with our preparation and the length of time for preparing differs for everyone. For some people it may take a month to six months, for some others it may take a year or more. The length of time for preparing is not really the issue, the key questions that I have for you and for myself are – Have we started to prepare? What is stopping us from preparing? Have we prepared but not stepped out on to the dance floor?

Today let’s pause and reflect on where we are and decide what needs to be done. We have to do this for us. As I have often said- You were not created to come to this world and just be a spectator watching the world run by- You are a participator so get up, wake up, dress up and get on to that dance floor of life. On that dance floor, is where that opportunity waiting for you will find you. I am out- I am pushing my way on to that dance floor and I am expecting to see you there as well. There is so much space for us, so let’s go and do this. Who is with me on this? Comment and make your claim. Be accountable and watch you go places you’ve never been before. I am rooting for you all the way
– Phinnah Chichi

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