Inspiring Stories — 12 February 2014
Komla Dumor

When role models so young and talented pass away, our hearts do go numb with shock.

Komla Dumor died suddenly at the age of 41. A Ghanaian originally, He joined the BBC in 2007 and became a presenter for the BBC world new and it’s Focus in Africa program.

An Inspirational Journalist! A broadcaster of exceptional quality! A role model that we will miss as a nation and in the world! He showed us that with determination, we could achieve our heart desires.

So Young! But Yet He made his impact. He will always be in our hearts and we will continue with that life of determination, that life of poise, that life with a smile, that life with a sense of humour and that life that just had ‘cool’ written all over it.

Rest in Peace! Komla Dumor

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