Video Interviews — 05 September 2014
Interview With Jackson Ogunyemi (Action Jackson)

Jackson Ogunyemi is the Founder of FIXUP seminars, which is dedicated to empowering UK Education. His passion for speaking has taken him far and wide and he has made a very positive impact on thousands of students.

Jackson is also the author of a life changing book called ‘SHUT UP & TAKE ACTION-The No Nonsense Guide to Success and Happiness.

We are very honoured to have this interview with him.

The Interview

BRM-UK: What inspires you?

Jackson: God’s desire for my life inspires me. I believe that when we get hold of the true identity that God intended for us, we can never fail. His desire for my life challenges me to grow every day, this growth is what excites me because I begin to discover a different aspect of my personality which I use to empower others.

BRM-UK: How do you inspire others?

Jackson: I have made up in my mind that before I meet with people, I will shower them with love regardless. What this does is to allow me to approach every individual with LOVE, RESPECT and the purest intention to inspire. I believe it is important to be true to oneself and others around you. Another way is to walk my talk, when I do things this way, the authenticity of my message is felt because I am not teaching from a textbook but from experience.

BRM-UK: If you have had any regrets before, what would one of them be?

Jackson: I don’t live in regret because I believe everything we have experienced can be used as a lesson to help us improve the future. When you pay attention to all the setbacks in your life I am more than certain that you will find one or two things that could have been improved.

You are wise if you sit down to review and extract the lesson from your life. You waste life when you dwell in regret – it’s not worth it. If you could change the past I would dwell in it, since the only thing we have full control over is the present, I therefore decide to make the best out of today.

BRM-UK: How do you overcome unexpected challenges in your life?

Jackson: Hidden inside every unexpected challenge in your life is a gift, your job is to buckle up, fight back and discover that gift – 100% of every sport is unpredictable, the excitement is seeing how each team responds to unexpected challenges presented to them. As Will Smith said, “It’s better to stay ready than to get ready.”

Below are the tips I follow when I face personal challenges:

  1. GIVE THANKS for the challenge

I love challenges because they make me stronger, wiser and better. The more challenges you can face now the more you’ll be able to face in the future. STAY READY.

BRM-UK: What is the one advice that you would give to youths?

Jackson: GET TO KNOW GOD, I derive my strength from what God says. I am not what friends and families say. God created us to be successful so everything He says we can be is true. Getting closer to God at a young age is the best thing any young person can do because it will set you up for a future of PEACE and JOY. Read Ecclesiastes 12:1 from the bible.

This world is filled with a lot of confused people that use social media as a tool to soothe their insecurities and the sad thing is that we all seem to be following them, it’s like the blind leading the blind, that’s why it is important to have a solid sense of identity to hold onto. I wish all our youth the best in their future. YOU ARE BORN TO WIN.


Phinnah Chichi
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