Female Role Models

The qualities that youths look for in a role model are:

Passion and Ability to Inspire
Clear set of values
Commitment to community
Clear set of values
Selflessness and Acceptance of others
Ability to overcome obstacles

Our chosen female role models have achieved a high level of success in their chosen fields. They did not necessarily come from wealthy families, but with determination, hard work and a strong belief that they could make it, they made it. We endeavour as much as possible to select female role models who encompass all the above qualities that our youths look for.

These great ladies are role models who are outstanding in diverse fields. They show the power of a dream, and represent achievement. The beauty of it all is that, they have not forgotten to give back to their communities after achievement.

They represent a real, relevant and relatable mix of backgrounds, age and careers.

We will update these entries on a regular basis.

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