Community & Support — 17 May 2013
Diane Julie Abbot

Diane Abbot is both a politician and a member of the British Labour Party. She is the Parliamentary (MP) for Hackney North and Stoke Newington. She was the first black woman to be elected, to the House of Commons and a former shadow Public Health Minister. These are among the many positions that Diane Julie Abbot has had since she started her political career in 1982. What is interesting to note is that she is described as a “maverick”, somebody who is willing to rebel against the party machine and a “free-thinker”. She is both an intelligent and strong-willed woman who represent the sentiments of the people and one who values human rights. She is the author of the black child initiative which is concerned in raising the educational achievement levels among black children. She strongly opposed the Iraq war and the terrorism bill. She has strong affection in the topics of health especially on women and children, home department, education, foreign and commonwealth affairs and international development. She has had several on-going programs in these issues and she is always visible in the following public bill committees: mental health, equality, violent crime reduction and the civil partnership bill committees. She is really truly a person worth emulating as she is genuinely a strong leader with a heart.

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