International Role Models — 05 July 2013
Barack Obama

Barack Obama is currently the President of USA, and the 44th to be specific. He is on his second term after making history as the first black president in 2008 where his first term began. He was able to overcome the racial barriers that had been so prevalent that there had never been any black President in America’s entire history and hold the highest office in the land! Before becoming president, he was the Senator for Illinois. As a Senator, he is remembered for reducing taxes for families, and provision of healthcare, among other major reforms including the war against weaponry.

His has not been a smooth road to greatness, in fact he had very humble beginnings. He was born to a Kenyan father and a mother from Kansas. His grandparents were instrumental in his upbringing too. His college Education was sponsored by scholarships and student loans. He began to give back to community then, as he joined in helping families who had been affected by the closure of a steel plant which had been their sole source of income.

He studied Law at Harvard University, and went to Chicago for the voter registration initiative. He also taught law at the University of Chicago. President Obama is a role model by all means. He has a passion for serving his countrymen and is a hope for the youth in America and even in the world, even those from minority societies.

Obama did not get to the limelight out of sheer coincidence. He worked for it, and deserves the recognition to the uttermost. His life is indeed a story to be read and imitated.

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