The inspiration for setting up a template featuring black role models in the UK was born out of strong desire and passion to have more of this type of information available to our youths and for adults like myself. Having a narrow range of role models largely from TV personalities and Musicians, has indeed led to a limited range of aspirations for our young people. Not having access to strong role models, who inspire them, therefore makes it quite challenging for young people to consider what careers they want to explore or achieve. I agree with one of our featured role models, Mr Chuka Umunna (MP). Who once said “not enough is done to trumpet successful black people in other fields”. My passion has been stirred further. We must all come together to inspire our youths. To our role models, I would say that our young people see their possibilities in the reality of you, so let us get together and be an inspiration to them. They are indeed the next generation and will be the leaders of our tomorrow.

Other Projects

In our continued desire to help the youths, a team of friends and myself set up an online magazine (and soon to be in prints) called Ten2Teens Magazine to fill a gap in the market for preteens to teens of African, Caribbean, African American and mixed parentage that deserves a positive publication that reflects a well-balanced awareness of them. (

We could not leave parents out and realising the very importance of parents involvement in their children’s education, we set a blog called Parents of Black UK Pupils, an open group set up to share vital information with parents of pupils with African, Caribbean and mixed heritage. Our mission is to help close the current educational achievement gap in the UK (

I am personally excited with these projects and I do hope you can join and support us in the mission all for the benefits of our youths, who are indeed our future generation.