About Us

About BRM-UK

Black Role Models UK (BRM-UK) is a not for profit community interest organisation based in London. It is the much needed and required template showcasing and recognising the variety of Black Role Models from diverse career platforms in the UK. Our aim is to increase the awareness of black role models to all youths, especially youths of African, Caribbean and mixed heritage. Through this platform, we aim to dispute the myth that there is a void of black role models by recognising and bringing closer the black role models to our youths.

Who is a Role Model?

The Oxford English Dictionary generally describes a role model as a person that others looks up as an example to be imitated. The dictionary does not associate the definition of a role model with race, but research does prove that children and young adults try to emulate people they perceive to be very similar to them (Lockwood & Kunda 1997.) AT BRM-UK, we agree that all role models irrespective of race do have impacts on youths but there is a greater impact on a person’s life if they can relate and identify with the role models.

Our youths are not bombarded with images of everyday black role models; instead the only successful black individuals we see in the media are musicians, sports and film stars. BRM-UK is proud of these individuals but there are many more black role models in other fields such as Medicine, Law, Science and Business amongst others who are not given the well-deserved recognition that they deserve. This has inevitably led to a limited range of aspirations for young people.

Showcasing a wide range of role models in varied careers gives our youths a wider and diverse perspective on careers to choose from.

Whilst Black Role Models UK is geared to this niche, it is not restricted to them; we wholeheartedly acknowledge that we have many role models who we admire and look up to in our society outside the black race. This site is for all youths and young adults who love to contribute and can benefit from our vision.

What makes Black Role Models UK relevant?

A person can be a role model irrespective of backgrounds, but we are filling a gap to promote black role models.
Role models are incredibly important and a much known secret is the fact that black children need more black role models.

We plan to run regular events that bring our role models and the youths together, where there could have open and honest chats, share experiences and give advices. Youths have responded that this would help them a lot.

These events encourage young people to raise their aspirations and realize their own potentials.

The visibility of our role models bridges the gap between the ideal and the reality. Interacting with the role models helps put our youths in position to judge the validity of different careers to their lives and then make the relevant decision.

Our youths need more role models than critics.

Rather than competing with other kinds of templates that lists great black people in the UK and beyond, Black Role Models UK compliments them.

Vision, Mission and Values


Black Role Models UK’s mission is trumpeting black role models in the UK to the youths. The aim is to showcase role models from the black/ethnic community across various backgrounds and disciplines of life to help inspire, widen perspectives, encourage self-belief, motivate and encourage young people to raise their aspirations and realise their own potentials.


‘Young people become what they see.’ Our vision is that by promoting and bringing closer our role models, young people are empowered and enlightened that through determination, persistence, positive attitude and hard work, they can achieve and change their world.
Black Role Models UK aims to be that mirror youths could look at and see themselves in a more positive light, being proud of whom they are, assimilating with ease and confidence into mainstream society and going for their dreams.

Our Motto

Young people see their possibility in the reality of you.

Our motto was derived from a quote by Neale Donald Walsh ‘others see their possibility in the reality of you’


We win by setting good examples.

Young people learn more from what you are than what you teach


The inspiration for setting up a template featuring black role models in the UK was born out of strong desire and passion to have more of this type of information available to our youths and for adults like myself. Having a narrow range of role models largely from TV personalities and Musicians, has indeed led to a limited range of aspirations for our young people. Not having access to strong role models, who inspire them, therefore makes it quite challenging for young people to consider what careers they want to explore or achieve. I agree with one of our featured role models, Mr Chuka Umunna (MP). Who once said “not enough is done to trumpet successful black people in other fields”. My passion has been stirred further. We must all come together to inspire our youths. To our role models, I would say that our young people see their possibilities in the reality of you, so let us get together and be an inspiration to them. They are indeed the next generation and will be the leaders of our tomorrow.

Other Projects

In our continued desire to help the youths, a team of friends and myself set up an online magazine (and soon to be in prints) called Ten2Teens Magazine to fill a gap in the market for preteens to teens of African, Caribbean, African American and mixed parentage that deserves a positive publication that reflects a well-balanced awareness of them. (www.ten2teensmagazine.com)

We could not leave parents out and realising the very importance of parents involvement in their children’s education, we set a blog called Parents of Black UK Pupils, an open group set up to share vital information with parents of pupils with African, Caribbean and mixed heritage. Our mission is to help close the current educational achievement gap in the UK (www.parentsofblackukpupils.co.uk)

I am personally excited with these projects and I do hope you can join and support us in the mission all for the benefits of our youths, who are indeed our future generation.